Inspiration For Hope

After my husband Jim Tedrow was diagnosed in July 2007 with Stage 4 esophageal cancer at the age of 57, I was motivated to produce a cancer specific motivational song to help cancer patients keep their spirits uplifted.  Jim's never give up attitude and ability to continue enjoying our life together was inspiring to me and those around him.  A valiant warrior in the fight, he passed away in February of 2009, linving 19 months despite a three to six month prognosis.

Other than love and music, I thought the only other thing everyone could relate to is cancer, rather it be parents, a spouse, brother, sister, child, friend, co-worker.  I collaborated with Tony Fields and Doug Decker, and "Never Give Up, No Never Give Up" was released in June 2009.  Tony and I co-wrote the lyrics, while Doug composed the music.  It's a narrative ballad, a beautiful day, sun shining bright when the doctor called and test results were in...

In the fall of 2011, Tony and I decided to produce a video for the song, however I was unable to find someone interested in being in the video that had a history of cancer past or present.  With winter approaching, I decided to be in the video myself.  Although not diagnosed, I understood the devestation from both my husband and father passing from cancer.



An then the song took a twist of fate before the video was released.  I myself was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and began singing my own song, intended to help 'others' stay focused on what can go right.  I was paralyzed in shock my mind perplexed as the song spirals through numerous levels of anxiety leading to acceptance with hope and faith being the driving force.  As with Jim, once again it was a feautiful day, sun shining bright...

I am even more motivated to make people aware of the words, which I believe can help both patients and caregivers keep up the fight and to keep their sights in the right direction.

Tony and I have been honored to have been the guest speaker and performer in several cancer related events.  Our song has been featured in Michigan, Colorado and Florida newspapers, radio stations and Women's Lifestyle Magazine.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to watch our video and ask them to pass it on to anyone they believe can benefit from its message of hope.


Carol Tedrow