The lyrics to this very inspirational song.


(First Verse)

It's a beautiful day the suns shining bright, things are going greaty yeah I'm feeling alright.  My doctor calls, test results are in, let's schedule an appointment I need to see you again.  Stunned by the cancer diagnosis, all I could think of was, what's my prognosis.  Paralyzed in shock my mind perplexed.  I said to my doctor, so what should I do next.


If you are in this situation, total disbelief your mind in devastation.  Here's my suggestion to you.  I've been there berfore, I know what to do.


Never give up, don't ever give up.  Minute by minute hour by hour day by day.  Never give up, don't ever give up.  You got to keep on fighting got to find a way.

(Second Verse)

It seems like my life has been derailed.  All the things I planned to do have been curtailed.  I'm gonna put my life in perspective.  Cancer survival is my first objective.  I see how precious life can be.  Family and loved ones are what matter to me.  I'm focused on how things can go right.  I'll never give up, I'll fight with all my might.


So if you are in this situation.  You're in total disbelief your mind in devastation.  Here's my suggestion to you.  Lord knows I've been there before and I know what to do.

(Repeat Chorus)


Life is full of uncertainties, but I won't let this cancer bring me to my knees.  Hope and faith will be the driving force, giving you the strength you need to stay the course.  So don't give up, try to move ahead.  Don't let cancer bring you down, just do this instead.  No don't you ever.

(Repeat Chorus)

Let's walk, let's run till we find a cure, but keep on fighting that's for sure.  I know it's a mental struggle everyday, but keep on fihgting come what may yeah yeah.  Researchers, doctors across the land help these fighters take a stand.